There are several reasons why organisations refer the young people in their charge or care to Vic Studios.  The high quality teaching and learning we offer is at the heart of their choice – whether it is short term or long term, informal or accredited – but there are some other important factors:

  • We offer a safe, nurturing, non-judgmental environment – far removed from mainstream education where the young people referred to us may have struggled in the past.
  • We treat each young person as an individual not part of a group, focusing on their interests, working at their pace, sensitively developing their confidence to express themselves.
  • We work with each young person, in the time that they are with us, to develop their confidence and abilities in ways that suit them. Every session they have with us, even if they only have a handful, has a positive outcome.  For some this means leaving us with a recording or video of them performing or of their music being performed, for others it means gaining a qualification or volunteering or getting involved in one of our projects.

Referring organisations and parents can book single or multiple sessions. Contact us here to learn more about our fees and opening times.

Teaching and learning

Vic Studios has an educational programme called ‘Music for Change’ which:

  • Is a mix of structured and unstructured, accredited and unaccredited, activities.
  • Supports people of different ages and different levels of ability.
  • Is underpinned by our social impact objectives.

Music for Change joins the dots between the people and community we serve and the positive change we wish for them. The teaching and learning we offer have three main themes as follows:

  • Making Music: Activities involve music-making in all its forms. From constructing instruments and composing songs, to performance and free form experimentation.
  • Sharing Music: Activities involve sharing music with the wider world including recording, editing and production of audio and video, live broadcast and digital distribution.
  • Working in Music: Activities explore the music as a career path including sound engineering, event and band management, marketing, promotion and financial skills.

Across all three themes, the essential life skills of numeracy, literacy and communication are implicit.

The young people referred are engaged and developed according to their level of ability and well-being.

Level of Ability

Levels of ability are aligned with the ‘key stages’ adopted throughout the education system. This is not to emulate this system, but to make it easier to connect with and support.

  • Level 1: KS3 (12-14 years)
  • Level 2: KS4 (15-16 years)
  • Level 3: KS5+ (17 years +)

Levels of Well-being

Music for Change outcomes relate to the social impacts of improved general well-being – a more positive outlook on life and greater self-confidence. Three levels of achievement are identified

  • Level 1: Feeling happy and trusted.
  • Level 2: Feeling positive and confident.
  • Level 3: Having improved life and career prospects.

These levels of ability and well-being inform the aims, content and style of our teaching and learning activities which encompass a wide range of hands on experience and teaching, group and project work, volunteering opportunities, performance and social skills development.

Delivery methods

When they are first referred to us, a young person typically has some initial 30-60 minute sessions to assess and explore their needs and interests – during these they usually take some first steps such as playing something simple on an instrument, writing and recording a song or using our mixing desk.

This is as far as some young people go with us but many move on to gain a qualification, learn an instrument and achieve ABRSM grades, or continue to progress informally – which might end up in them recording their own music, joining a group or engaging with us as volunteers.

The majority of our teaching and learning is delivered face to face, one-to-one or in very small groups. The young person will be taught by one of our experienced staff and it is our policy that they will be accompanied by a professional or session worker appointed by the referring organisation.  All tutors hold current DBS certificates and subject to Vic Studios policies on safeguarding, health and safety and confidentiality.

Our approach varies according to the needs of the individual.

Accredited courses offered

Course NameAccreditation
An Introduction to Remixing AGORED
Bass Guitar – An Introduction to PlayingAGORED
Computer Music Technology AGORED
DJ Skills- Basic ScratchingAGORED
Drums Intermediate AGORED
Guitar – Introduction to PlayingAGORED
Kit Drumming / Drum KitAGORED
Play the GuitarAGORED
Software DJingAGORED
Taster Sessions DJ SkillsAGORED
Taster Course MusicAGORED
Rock and Pop
– Song writing. Instrumental Skills
Create A Video ProductionAGORED

Other training courses offered

Modules of all of our accredited courses and lessons can be provided separately, individually or combined, tailored to suit the needs and preferences of the individual. We also offer DJ lessons and sound production classes.

Contact us here to discuss your training or music lesson needs, fees and availability.